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Diller Telephone serves the communities of Diller, Odell, Virginia and Harbine, Nebraska.

Diller Telephone has offered phone services since 1899 to Harbine, Diller, Odell and Virginia.  We offer long distance through DIODE TELECOM.

For service availability in these areas, please contact the business office

at 402-793-5330.

Long Distance

When you bundle Diode Telecom long distance with your local Diller Telephone service you receive the following:

Long Distance calls anywhere/anytime in the Continental U.S. for only 10 cents a minute. Plus, as an added bonus, you will receive 100 minutes per month free with your basic Diller Telephone Service local plan and no monthly surcharge!

Call us today to sign up - 402-793-5330.

Calling Features

Diller Telephone offers a variety of affordable calling features to customize your telephone service.

Primary Calling Options

$5 / month - This package includes: Call waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Speed Calling, & 3 Way Calling

Enhanced Calling Options

$10 / month - This package includes all available features.

Individual Calling Options

Telemarketing Call Screening - $1.50 / month - This unique service intercepts “unknown” or “out-of-area” calls and announces that you do not accept calls from telemarketers. The great thing is, your phone doesn’t even ring. It also instructs telemarketers to add your name to their “DO NOT CALL” LIST. Other callers are advised to dial 1 or stay on line to be connected. Automatic Callback - $1.50 / month - You can save time dialing busy numbers over and over. Your phone rings as soon as the line is free and automatically connects you. Automatic Recall - $1.50 / month - You couldn’t get to the phone in time, but you can still find out who called. Return the call by dialing a simple code. Speed Calling - $1.50 / month - You can store 30 frequently called telephone numbers with the ability to dial the stored numbers by depressing two digits, rather than entire telephone numbers. Caller ID (Name & Number) - $4.00 / month - When you receive a call, the name and number of the person calling you is shown on your caller ID display screen. Call Waiting/Caller ID - $1.50 / month - You can see the identity of the calling party on the waiting call. Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting - $1.50 / month - When you make a list of special callers, your phone uses a special ring to announce the calls from any of those numbers; if you do have call waiting, you’ll hear a special Call Waiting tone. Call Waiting - $1.50 / month - Lets you know you have another caller on the line. You can put the first call on hold and answer the second. Selective Call Forwarding - $1.50 / month - You can program your phone to forward only those calls from a special list of numbers to another number such as your car phone. When your service is turned “on” calls are routed to your “forward-to” number; all others will ring at your phone as usual. Selective Call Acceptance - $1.50 / month - You can program your phone to accept those calls from a special list of people. When your service is “turned on”, your phone will only accept calls from those in your Selective Call Acceptance list; all others will hear an announcement that you’re not accepting calls at this time. Anonymous Call Rejection - $1.50 / month - When you turn this service “on”, any callers who have blocked their number from your Caller ID display will hear an announcement that you do not accept anonymous calls-and they should remove blocking and call back; All other calls will ring through as usual. Teen Service - $1.50 / month - Have a primary phone number and a secondary phone number on the same single line. The second number will be identified by a distinctive ring for incoming calls. Call Forwarding - $1.50 / month - This features allows your calls to be forwarded to a specified number on a fixed basis after a preset number of rings. Call Forwarding-Busy - $1.50 / month - Send your calls to another number only when your line is busy. Selective Call Rejection - $1.50 / month - You can program your phone to reject calls from any phone number you place in the rejection list. When your service is turned “on”, any callers in this list will hear an announcement that you’re not accepting calls at this time; all other calls will ring through as usual. Three-Way Calling - $1.50 / month - Offers the capability to add a third party to an existing call. Voicemail - $2.99 / month A $5 activation fee is required for all features.