Providing state-of-the-art technology to our customers.

Diller Telephone serves the communities of Diller, Odell, Virginia and Harbine, Nebraska.

Diller Telephone has offered phone services since 1899 to Harbine, Diller, Odell and Virginia.  We offer long distance through DIODE TELECOM.

For service availability in these areas, please contact the business office

at 402-793-5330.

Long Distance

When you bundle Diode Telecom long distance with your local Diller Telephone service you receive the following:

Long Distance calls anywhere/anytime in the Continental U.S. for only 10 cents a minute. Plus, as an added bonus, you will receive 100 minutes per month free with your basic Diller Telephone Service local plan and no monthly surcharge!

Call us today to sign up - 402-793-5330.

Calling Features

Diller Telephone offers a variety of affordable calling features to customize your telephone service.


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